Registration with the CITIZEN Consumables Program

Please complete all the fields carefully and select your distributor from the list below. Once you have sent the form, we will set up your account together with your distributor. You will receive your credentials data immediately, but your account will be activated after distributor's approval. You will be informed of activation with separate e-mail.

NB: You can open accounts with more than one distributor.

For the registration at the Citizen Consumables Program operated by Etisoft Sp. z o.o. under the licence of Citizen Systems Europe GmbH you need an existing customer account at one of the selectable distributors. In case you do not have an account already, please use the contact form so that we can link you up with the distributor of your choice for setting up a customer account.

If you are an end-user, contact your Citizen reseller with the part number you have selected or Contact us if you don’t have a reseller

* Yes, I have read CCP Sales Platform Privacy Policy and I accept that my personal data are collected, used and processed in accordance with CCP Sales Platform Privacy Policy.
* Yes, I do have an existing customer account at the chosen distributor and have read, understood and accepted the General Terms and Conditions of the chosen distributor. Promo Distributor GT&C you can find here.