Privacy Policy of  CCP sales platform

1. Personal data

1. The platform operator as well as Administrator of Customers' personal data is "ETISOFT Sp. z o.o." company with the seat in Gliwice (44-100 Gliwice) at Szara 21, having TIN: 631-23-62-213, Statistic No (REGON): 277940286, entered to Commercial Register of State Court Register, file No: 0000138415.

2. Administrator processes the personal data according to the law requirements specified by the Law regulation of 29 August 1997 about personal data protection (JoL of 2002, No 101, item 926, as amended) as well as according to Law regulations dated 18 July 2002 about rendering services by e-mail (i.e. JoL of 2013, item 1422 as amended). 

3. Personal data of Customers are processed according to their consent expressed during submitting an order to Sales Platform. The purpose to process the data is connected with entering, shaping, alteration, dissolving or execution of Contract.  If Customer agrees, he/she will obtain information about products, services as well as promotions offered by Platform Operator. 

4. Customer has the right to insight into his/her data, correct them, supplement or delete them. 

2. Collecting and utilizing information

1.  Operator collects information related to usage of Platform by Customers as well as their IP addresses on the basis of access log analysis. 

2. Collected logs are  stored by indefinite period of time as supportive material used to administer the Platform Information included there are not reveal to any third parties except for persons authorised to manage the server. On the basis of log files the statistics may be generated that constitute administration support. Collective summaries in form of statistics do not include any features that identifies  persons visiting the Platform. 

3. Safety measure used for data processing 

1. Data are processed in the Set operating within the scope of IT system. High level of safety  is applied to IT system in the meaning of the resolution of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration (MSWiA) dated 29 April 2004 on personal data processing documentation as well as technical and organisation requirements that devices and IT systems should correspond to,  used to process personal data (JoL of 2004 No 100, item 1024). 

2. IT system is protected by means of hardware and software solutions.  Personal Data Administrator uses protections adapted to present needs as well as takes care to provide correct configuration that makes the access to the stored data impossible to unauthorised persons. 

4. "Cookies" file policy

1. The Platform Operator stores information in subscriber's or end user's telecommunication terminal in form of, so called, "cookies" files.  

2. "Cookies" files are not used to process information about Customers, nor to follow their navigation.  The "cookies" files applied in the Platform do not store any personal data nor other information collected from Customers. 

3. The purpose to store and to achieve the information access is:

         a. keeping the session of logged platform customer that makes possible to use the Platform,

         b. saving the Customer's Account content,

         c. creating the statistics,

         d. determining the Customer's profile in order to provide the Customer with appropriate publicity materials, especially using Google network,

4. Platform Operator uses the session cookies that are created and exist only during session of a browser.  They are indispensable for correct operation of separate elements of Platform. 

5. Platform Operator uses the permanent "cookies" files which are stored in Customer's device during the period of time specified in file parameters or until they are deleted manually by Customer. 

6. Stored information  or achieving access to information does not cause configuration changes in telecommunication terminal of a subscriber or an end user and in software installed to this device. 

7. End user may express the consent for "cookies" files access, using the software settings installed in used by him telecommunication terminal.  Customer may appropriately set the access level for "cookies" files in the browser.  However, entire blocking the "cookies" files" access could make impossible to use some functions of  the Platform.