Inventory Pack
Inventory Pack

permanent marking of fixed assets for inventory

recommended printers: CL-S631; CL-E730; CL-S703 

Product code
Product name
P4-11301 P4-11301 INVENTORY PACK 50x30 PVC SEMI MATT WHITE 50x30 4650 RESIN
Pallet Pack
Pallet Pack

GS1 labels and ODETTE labels; pallets and bulks

recommended printers: CL-S621; CL-S700; CL-S6621; CL-E720, for thermal paper: CL-S521, CL-S300


P4-10208 P4-10208 PALLET PACK 105x148 PAPER SEMI GLOSS WHITE 105x148 4000 BLEND
P4-10209 P4-10209 PALLET PACK 74x210 PAPER SEMI GLOSS WHITE 74x210 5520 BLEND
P4-10210 P4-10210 PALLET PACK 148x210 PAPER SEMI GLOSS WHITE 148x210 2760 BLEND
P4-17204 P4-17204 PALLET PACK105x148 PP GLOSSY WHITE 105x148 2000 BLEND
P4-17205 P4-17205 PALLET PACK 148x210 PP GLOSSY WHITE 148x210 1380 BLEND
Box Pack
Box Pack

marking cardboards and boxes; shipping and address labelling

recommended printers: CL-S621; CL-E720; CL-S700, for thermal paper: CL-S521, CL-S300

P4-10104 P4-10104 BOX PACK 60x40 PAPER SEMI GLOSS WHITE 60x40 28000 STANDARD
P4-10106 P4-10106 BOX PACK 100x59 PAPER SEMI GLOSS WHITE 100x59 9600 STANDARD
P4-10107 P4-10107 BOX PACK 100x99 PAPER SEMI GLOSS WHITE 100x99 5800 STANDARD
P4-26003 P4-26003 BOX PACK 74x50 THERMAL PAPER MATT WHITE 74x50 17100 NO RIBBON
P4-26004 P4-26004 BOX PACK 100x59 THERMAL PAPER MATT WHITE 100x59 9600 NO RIBBON
P4-26005 P4-26005 BOX PACK 100x99 THERMAL PAPER MATT WHITE 100x99 5800 NO RIBBON