Chemistry & Laboratory

Chem Pack
Chem Pack

marking of packages with chemical substances; resistance to chemical agents


recommended printers: all CL-S and CL-E series printers can be used (except CL-S321); CL-S6621 for wider formats 


Product code
Product name
P4-17302 P4-17302 CHEM PACK 74x52 PP GLOSSY WHITE 74x52 11400 RESIN
P4-17303 P4-17303 CHEM PACK 74x105 PP GLOSSY WHITE 74x105 5520 RESIN
P4-17304 P4-17304 CHEM PACK 105x148 PP GLOSSY WHITE 105x148 2000 RESIN
P4-17305 P4-17305 CHEM PACK 148x210 PP GLOSSY WHITE 148x210 1380 RESIN
Inventory Pack
Inventory Pack

permanent marking of fixed assets for inventory

recommended printers: CL-S631; CL-E730; CL-S703 

P4-11301 P4-11301 INVENTORY PACK 50x30 PVC SEMI MATT WHITE 50x30 4650 RESIN
Secure Pack
Secure Pack

permanent markings (of products, devices, elements), which cannot be entirely peeled off and applied to another spot

recommended printers: CL-S631; CL-E730; CL-S703 


P4-13303 P4-13303 SECURE PACK 50x30 PET GLOSSY WHITE 50x30 4650 RESIN
P4-14303 P4-14303 SECURE PACK 50x30 PET MATT SILVER 50x30 4650 RESIN
Shelf Pack
Shelf Pack

marking of storage shelves and racks; special Retro Reflective labels are used, which can be scanned from longer distance

recommended printers: CL-S and CL-E series printers with cutter

P4-12301 P4-12301 SHELF PACK 70x38m PET GLOSSY SILVER 70x38m 1roll RESIN
P4-27301 P4-27301 SHELF PACK 70x75m PP GLOSSY WHITE 70x75m 2rolls RESIN
Pallet Pack
Pallet Pack

GS1 labels and ODETTE labels; pallets and bulks

recommended printers: CL-S621; CL-S700; CL-S6621; CL-E720, for thermal paper: CL-S521, CL-S300


P4-10208 P4-10208 PALLET PACK 105x148 PAPER SEMI GLOSS WHITE 105x148 4000 BLEND
P4-10209 P4-10209 PALLET PACK 74x210 PAPER SEMI GLOSS WHITE 74x210 5520 BLEND
P4-10210 P4-10210 PALLET PACK 148x210 PAPER SEMI GLOSS WHITE 148x210 2760 BLEND